Reimage Your Health Education Class

Traditional classroom instructor, Mr. Dean Sahbroo, has a great job. He gets to school every morning at 8:00 am, reboots his computer, turns on the projector, and unzips the day’s lesson plans from the mini drive he carries around on his key chain. The computer screen initiates and little icons start appearing, then after a few moments in the middle of the screen a tiny hoop shows a clockwise circulating pulse. Around and around it goes and after about a minute of this Mr. Sahbroo realizes the LED on his mini drive is not flashing. He tries unplugging it and plugging it back in again.


Dean concludes his computer system must be “hung up.” He grabs the mini drive out of his computer and walks over to the administration office to ask the cheerful school assistant, Ms. Dunelle Carple, if she could try loading it on her computer. She obliges. Sure enough the LED starts flashing and a folder image appears on her screen. She clicks on it and then launches a document called “Third Grade Lesson 1&2:”

MAJOR AREA: The Human Body
GRADE: Third Grade (Lesson 1&2)

TOPIC: Circulatory System
EMPHASIS: Anatomy & Physiology – Heart and blood vessels


Power Point Lecture

Description of Heart
Hollow muscle
Weight 11 oz.
Size of

*brrympht*. The document closes unexpectedly and after a few moments in the middle of the screen a tiny hoop shows a clockwise circulating pulse.*pop*. A dialogue message box appears “Warning: Removable Drive Unreadable.” Dunelle picks up the phone and calls the help desk. She describes slowly step-by-step what happened on their computers and what she and Mr. Sahbroo have done. Suddenly the normally cheerful expression on Ms. Carple’s face turns ashen.


Reimage is a term used in association with computers. Essentially it means your operating system has slowed down or crashes too often because some software became damaged, corrupted or plagued with ‘bugs.’ During the re-imaging process everything on your computer system is removed and then reinstalled or better yet replaced with an upgraded version. Most people are deathly afraid of re-imaging and opt to simply reboot their system by turning it off and on again.

A quality health education class requires more than a simple rebooting process. The above hypothetical scenario of loading a prepackaged health lesson to be taught by someone not professionally prepared to teach health illustrates just one obvious pitfall of over-reliance on one form of technology (for a few more pitfalls see “Death by PowerPoint” from Don McMillan). Technology can certainly help with instruction, but up to this point it has been a great unrealized hope in educational reform.

Other repetitive routines including outdated lectures, recycled worksheets, and over copied quizzes need to be replaced with authentic or lifelike activities and assessments that engage the students. Students do learn what they live. Health topics relate most intimately with a student unlike other traditional class subjects. Leave it those other classes to describe the heart as a ‘hollow muscle.’ Students in health class can feel their own pulse and talk about what it means to “have a heart.”

Once the static lifeless instruction is removed, then the lessons can be resuscitated with the students themselves breathing life into the learning activities. How this sense of authenticity extends beyond words can be found in the lyrics “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, “No one else can feel it for you, Only you can let it in.” Through in class activities students record their own comprehensive health textbook with an inner voice.

Topics such as eating disorders, alcohol related problems, harmful ways of relating, and childhood obesity to name a few can be discussed in small groups then shared with the whole class. So a student is not alone reading a textbook but supported by peers in a skit creation, a game, a Socratic seminar, or a project. Sometimes the work created can also serve as the assessment. This style also lends itself well to treatment of emerging current wellness topics such as new allergies or diseases.

In review it should be noted that over reliance on power point slides should be avoided, health should be taught by those who were professionally trained to do so, and lessons must include authentic activities in which each student can relate to their own personal health and wellbeing. Unlike traditional lectures the life-like activities can be fun! Once you reimage health education is in this manner students will retain more of the information because the way in which it was learned made it more memorable and enjoyable enough to last a lifetime.

Mr. Schuyler Antane is a Health & Exercise Science teaching major at The College of New Jersey (2013). Prior to this Schuyler earned his BS in chemistry at the University of Michigan (1987). He studied organic synthesis briefly at the University of Rochester in NY (1990) then moved to New Jersey to work as a medicinal chemist for 20 years at Wyeth Pharmaceutical pursuing research in neuroscience, cardiovascular, inflammation, diabetes and infectious diseases. During his time in the lab Schuyler made some poor personal health choices and eventually weighed >200 pounds. He decided to make health a priority by making lifestyle changes including diet and exercise. To make the transformation stick he maintained fitness through triathlon and marathon competitions in Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and Portland. Many of the races Schuyler enjoys also support causes such as the Belmar triathlon for Autism Awareness. He hopes his personal story of transformation can help motivate others and to one day guide students to becoming physically educated.

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Where To Search For Home Health Aide Jobs

Healthcare is among the fastest growing fields in the US, and home health aide (HHA) jobs are very well sought after. A HHA career can be a great spot to begin if you’re looking for a healthcare job that needs minimal entry requirements.

With a couple of weeks of training and the end of a state-mandated test (if required) you can establish yourself as a HHA. You’ll most likely work with the supervision of a healthcare professional, typically a qualified nurse. Getting a HHA job may be a stepping-stone on the route of upward mobility within the healthcare field.

HHA Jobs

As an HHA, you have an option to earn a living by working for another person, as an employee, or you can decide to work for yourself through self-employment. If you choose to have work for a company as an employee, various types of employers are available to you. The types of employers include home health care agencies, hospice care services, assisted living facilities, state or state welfare agencies, residential and nursing care facilities, and social assistance agencies.

Of the different kinds of organizations hiring for home health aides for careers, home health care agencies hire the greatest percentage of HHAs in the area of home care industry.

In the beginning of your HHA career, it is probably best to begin working with an agency or service so you will be sure to get the skills necessary to perform your work duties properly. The benefits of this that is you will be teamed as a part of a healthcare team to help you. When starting at an agency, you will probably get on-the-job HHA classes and be with the supervision of a knowledgeable health professional such as a RN. An agency company almost certainly will provide you with ongoing education and educational opportunities for advancement.

With regards to the state where you reside, specific requirements must be satisfied to benefit a house healthcare agency. Chances are that doing work for a company will require you to have a HHA certificate. This is because the federal government states that organizations with Medicaid and Medicare customers that staff be certified.

When getting a HHA job at an agency, you will be assigned to patients that the agency has found acquired. Therefore you’ll not need to get your own personal customers.

Employment at a company also can give you flexibility for the operating hours – both full and part-time. You can just work at any time during day, if you can make yourself available. Doing work for blocks of hours each day, day or evening are options. You may work repeatedly with one customer every day, or just several days a week. Or maybe you’ll have numerous clients during the day that you use.

The company may also look after withholding taxes and mail you an annual W-2 form for your tax returns. They might also provide other advantages such as medical insurance, holiday, paid sick days and vacations.

A downside to working at a company regards the guidelines when working with your clients. If you’re preparing food for your customers, company rules may prohibit you from sharing food with them and you may be asked to pack and carry your own individual food. Still another situation could be that you will be not always assigned to the same consumers on a routine basis. Principles and processes like these does not allow for HHAs to develop healthy relationships using their clients. But based on what suits you most useful, these may or may perhaps not be issues for you to work for a property health care agency.


Being self-employed, otherwise called an independent contractor, means that you’re not associated with an agency or supervised by a healthcare professional. You are in control of obtaining and accepting your own personal clients, establishing work schedules and hourly costs, creating task deals, and paying self-employment taxes. You’ll be your own manager, operating as your own business. Hence, you will have to be quite organized and proactive to be successful.

HHA’s who have a lot of experience under their belt might prefer being self-employed. As opposed to working for a property healthcare agency, you’d have much more freedom and flexibility – but in addition a great deal more responsibility!

A main extra responsibility is scheduling the days and time you will work and actually finding clients who you will work for. You will find that your potential clients each have different needs and requirements of you to fulfill the work successfully. You may find that your revenue will fluctuate – as your work and hours are not assured, and could potentially end at a moment’s notice. These are important concerns to bear in mind in case you are contemplating being self-employed.

When contemplating where to locate a home health aide job, consider what is important to you. Can you thrive with independence from company principles, and are well-organized and motivated to get clients by yourself? Or would you rather belong to a group of medical staff where you’ll get help, training and ongoing jobs? A home health aide job working either for yourself or a company has both upsides and downsides – everything depends upon everything you prefer.

Becoming a Home Health Aide is wonderful career where you can help to improve the quality of someone’s life. It is very rewarding and also a field high in demand for the right person.

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Health Education Jobs – 4 Competitive Secrets You Must Know

The value of health education jobs is the correct step to improving our communities and improving our individual health. The main objective is to provide people the means in which they will take better care of themselves as it relates to basic health care issues. Such jobs can be anything from public health education to health science and lab work. By promoting public health education, the underlying premise is that it will help people to practice and maintain what they have learned and pass it on for the future.

The Bright Future of the Health Care Industry

With the growing discovery for the need in the health care industry, there has begun large movement to fill the demand in health jobs. The jobs referred to in the health care industry are coming from such areas in science educational fields like physics, medicine.psychology, environmental science and biology.

Health careers involve teaching the general public, including students, and their parents, as well as institutions and communities about proper health care and maintenance. The idea is not just to equip people with the knowledge but also to generate and encourage an attitude for healthy behavior.

The Importance of the Health Educator

The role of health educators is to disseminate the health education knowledge and foster a promotable mindset to raise the health standards in their communities. Good health, injury prevention and disease prevention are the focus of health education. This specialized education cover a wide variety of jobs. Many are in schools, with school districts having many health teachers, coordinators, counselors, advocates and researchers. These educators could specialize in implementing actual health programs in schools, or in writing grant proposals for health project funding.

Here Is the Type of Education That is Needed

With a degree in public health you will be working in hospitals or clinics along with doctors full filling various administrative positions and functions. The potential for healthcare education careers exist at all grade levels starting at pre-school on up to university level. Whether in the private or public school sector, health education programs exist. Other areas needed for health education professionals can be found in classroom laboratories to research, prevention and treatment.

The Education Blueprint To A Career in Health Care

The first step in achieving a career in this educational field is to specialize in a four year study program. Most colleges and universities in the US offer undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in health education, and related fields. To expand your credentials you can inquire at National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc (NCHEC). Once you have been trained and have become properly qualified, you can get any numbers of jobs in the health care industry.

Will You Be a Leader?

Health education jobs and careers are not only a way of building a fulfilling professional life, but also a way of achieving personal fulfillment. The mere fact that you are helping to create a better world, a more healthy and cleaner environment is a gratifying personal achievement. For an excellent resource for more information about jobs and career options in the health care industry visit the American Association for Health Education website.

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